Since 1980 he is offering the best

Engaged in the production , handling , marketing and transportation.



Our qualified stuff is formed by more than one hundred people on average during harvest campaign, who are in charge of preparing all products.

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Our company produces caring about the environment and making an exhaustive monitoring of Cultivating Control, carried out by our expert technicians.

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Our transportation company has a fleet made up of more than 30 trucks and more than 40 employees, which transports our products.

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Partner Area

If you do not already have access codes , ask for them on the phone 950 581 381.

Welcome to our website!

We are pleased to welcome you to the new website of Exportaciones Agrícolas Aldenor, S.L. Our team trusts this way of communication to provide all the information you may need about our sector, activities and services on defence and promotion of cooperativism.



  • Respecting the environment.
  • Ehaustive analysis
  • Fulfilling regulations
  • Wide range of products
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  • Qualified staffing
  • Manufacturing
  • Specific equipment
  • Recyclable packaging
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  • Sale of products
  • Wide ratio of profit
  • Leaders in the sector
  • Decades of experience
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  • Truck fleet
  • National transportation
  • European transportation
  • All types of merchandise
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Producers of Tomato Intense


High consistence

Five days after been cut into slices, Intense variety only loses 3% of its weight, unlike common variety that loses 24%. As it is prepared into buckets, Intense loses 16% as opposed to 40% in other varieties of tomatoes.


Thin slices

The inner consistence of Intense allows it to be cut into thin slices of 2mm thick, keeping its shape, and into small dices, as well. The result is unique and chic.


Long conservation

Once it is cut, Intense keeps its colour and texture over the days. Thanks to Intense, prepared foods keep their freshness more time.


Color Rojo Intenso

Intense boosts the appeal of every dish thanks to its bright colour. The inner red makes of Intense the best ingredient to prepare any kind of juice, gazpacho (fresh tomato soup) and salmorejo (thick tomato soup).

Latest News

Now you can be informed of everything that happens in our cooperative and the sector

Subsidies for increasing production
Subsidies for increasing production
The Andalusian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has given a subsidy to Exportaciones Agrícolas Aldenor, from El Ejido, which is…
May 26, 2016
Plan of Drainage in rural roads
Plan of Drainage in rural roads
The Governing Body of Town Council of El Ejido has already given the green-light to the start-up of the Plan…
May 26, 2016
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