The 1st International Forum on Fruit and Vegetables
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The 1st International Forum on Fruit and Vegetables

The 7th edition of Fruit Attraction, which is being celebrated in Madrid until next Friday, has hosted the presentation of the 1st International Forum on Fruit and Vegetables from Almería that will take place next spring and whose aim is to promote the clean and ecological production so characteristic of the sector in the region.

The Forum counted on the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, who expressed her support to the organizers during her visit to Cajamar stand after the inauguration of Fruit Attraction.
Throughout the presentation of the event at Cajamar stand, the vice president of provincial government, Javier Aureliano García, remarked the pride that means for the provincial institution the leading position of Almería in the production of clean fruit and vegetables using water consciously.

In this regard, he underlined that this International Forum, developed by the provincial government together with the sector, will let the whole world know about Almería achievements in production, and this might be confirmed in situ.

On his behalf, Juan Colomina, CEO of the Association of Organizations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers in Almería (COEXPHAL), expressed his gratitude to Provincial Government of Almería for having organised an event that will help to show the leading role of the region in matters as the biological control in production of fruit and vegetables or the conscious use of water.

At last, the president of Cooperative Credit Bank, Luis Rodríguez González, remarked that Cajamar has historically shown its support to agrarian sector in Almería, and in this way they will equally back any initiative that encourages the production of fruit and vegetables of the region.

Fruit & Vegetables International Meeting
The 1st International Forum on Fruit and Vegetables from Almería, that will take place in spring of 2016, will be targeted to support and promote the improvement and growth of fruit and vegetable sector in the region; a clear commitment from Provincial Government of Almería with producers and organizations of the sector.

The 1st International Forum on Fruit and Vegetables from Almería will be a top-level meeting promoted by the supra- municipal government, where future challenges about more demanding consumer and market will be discussed.

Production of 3.5 million tons of 40 varieties of fruits and vegetables, 2,400 million euros invoiced, 40,800 hectares of land, 24,500 farmers and 60,000 jobs created every year are some of the figures that make up the suitability of this meeting, which will have space for every issue that the sector needs to deal with, currently and in future.

For that reason, the Regional Government of Almería has promoted this initiative supported by COEXPHAL, organization that practically gathers the whole sector, and hopes to be supported by other institutions and companies as well.

Areas of Activity
These matters and others will be analysed in the forum, which will have four areas of different activities; starting with the space of contents where the official program of conferences, talks and round tables will be developed, which will be completed by a space of exhibition where companies and specialised exhibitors could show their products and services.
It will also provide a space for commercial presentations targeted to those companies that, following an alternative program, may decide to use it for this kind of conferences and presentations.

Finally, the program of activities will include technical visits to companies and locations directly related to fruit and vegetable sector in Almería; activity that finds itself at a key moment in order to define its present, design its immediate future and progress over set challenges.
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