Plan of Drainage in rural roads
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Plan of Drainage in rural roads

The Governing Body of Town Council of El Ejido has already given the green-light to the start-up of the Plan of Drainage in rural roads of the town in order to avoid inundations that may occur as a consequence of rains.

Through this initiative, the Town Council hopes to give answers to continuous drainage problems that exist in some areas of the town and which are causing deep economic damages to the owners of adjacent properties.

“This plan not only is going to improve road infrastructure, but also it is going to avoid possible inundations in greenhouses”, explained the Agriculture Town Councillor of El Ejido, Manuel Gómez Galera. At the same time, he has stated that: “…in this way, the town council will avoid to face economic compensations under patrimonial responsibility for those vehicles damaged because of bad conditions of the roads”

The plan, which starts with improvement works on rural roads near La Rambla del Loco, is expected to be extended to other areas of the town. Gómez Galera has reminded that “odd works has been previously carried out in order to undertake these improvements in access paths to Los Compradores, to Aldenor or to Tierras de Almería”.

The councillor has remarked that “at a first moment, the plan will start up with drainage works along the access paths to Las Salinas, which reaches from the roundabout of the road to Balerma, to La Rambla del Loco, as it is an area that has been suffering deep problems due to water accumulation from the rain over the years what complicates the traffic in the area and is even affecting to some other properties”.

Likewise, he has explained that drainage works are going to be carried out along the path to Alcor de Balerma, specifically along the route that reaches from the Castle of Guardias Viejas to La Rambla del Loco, “a road that is being constantly closed due to water accumulation what affects, in a relevant way, to some areas as Paraje de la Fábrica, Pozo Luque or La Cueva del Gato, among others”.
These construction works, that have been put out to tender today, will have an execution period of five months and they are expected to be initiated within two months at most.

This action, which has an available budget of more than 254,000 euros, will be totally financed by autonomous government whereas the town council will manage the works and take on the VAT responsibilities.

In the same way, the Governing Body is planning to carry out some other improvements related to the maintenance in both land and paved roads. Therefore, they will enforce the current equipment and staffing for repair tasks.

In this sense, Gómez Galera has explained that: “Andalusian Department has collaborated ceding a machine for the repair and maintenance of rural roads in the town, given answer to a previous request from the town government just after having taken possession”.
Gómez Galera has remarked that: “this new machine will be added to that equipment we already have and the staffing levels destined to those tasks will be increased as well.”

Gangs for fixing potholes

In order to improve the conditions of several paved roads, the Town Council will also set in motion some gangs for fixing potholes in the most damaged roads. “The Town Council will be responsible for defraying the costs of necessary asphalt for fixing tasks, considering that Elsur, licence holder of the maintenance service, is not able to afford this task.” Gómez Galera has explained.

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